Croatia Yacht Charter with Skipper: The Complete Checklist

Croatia Yacht Charter with Skipper: The Complete Checklist

Croatia Yacht Charter with Skipper

Ultimate guide for Skippered Yacht Charter in Croatia

Boat charter Croatia with skipper, our best testimonials:

For us a family of four (two adults and two children) the week was an alternative to a villa, and it was our first time ever on a sailboat! With Marko’s local knowledge he was able to guide us on all the local attraction while still taking into consideration our preferences and matching them to our schedule that was flexible and relaxed. We highly recommend!

Ivan, our Skipper, was always enthusiastic about teaching as a little ‘sailing’ but was equally glad to let us relax and enjoy ourselves. The trip was flexible we could be as involved as the crew or as hands-off as we wanted. Our skipper Ivan can only be described as an absolute praise to Croatia's sailing.

Do you dream about sailing holidays but have no boat license or enough sailing skills? Perhaps you just need a skipper, for a quality guide, around locally? Then this Croatia boat charter with crew guide will help you.


Experienced skippers can leave you free to relax on deck as much or as little as you like; So, take the pressure off with a skippered sailing vacation. Even expert sailors can benefit from a skippered yacht charter, getting a chance to relax and enjoy a stress-free holiday. Skippered sailing charters are perfect for less capable sailors looking for a relaxing break or for rookies wanting to see some of the world’s best cruising grounds.

Below we have created our ultimate guide for skippered yacht charter holidays in Croatia. You have a list of all options and choices, detailed described if you rent skippered yacht charter with us or with anyone else in Croatia. Send Request Here

Skippered Yacht Charter Holidays: You have Complete freedom to determine your own route

With knowledgeable skipper, you can plan your route and the skipper will gladly offer tips on various routes. Briefing you on winds and protected natural harbors. You and your friends may want to participate in the sailing part actively or may just wish to go along and enjoy the ride.

With or without any sailing experience discovering new countries and coastlines is something everyone can do. You do not need to have documented the sailing experience, Because, the skipper has full responsibility for the boat. During the trip, the crew is obligated to cover the cost of the skippers’ food.

Skippered Yacht Charter Advantages

  • Your party and you can enjoy the holidays worry-free; Because the skipper takes the driver’s seat and responsibility for the boat.
  • With local knowledge of the best anchorages and mooring places. Also the nicest bays, the best restaurants, nightlife and activities
  • If you are a newbie to sailing you can acquire some sailing skills or if you already know how to sail, brush up your existing ones.
  • On your itinerary, your skipper will be able to suggest places visit. Whether you are looking to party, relaxing places or getting to know the culture of the country. Your skipper who knows the area like the back of their hand will let you in on local secrets, such as the best spots to go.
  • With the help of your skipper, you can plan your itinerary. For those who want to get the most out of their time in Croatia, this is extremely useful.  If something that you have prepared is simply not feasible, your skipper will help you plan the best possible routes to save you time and money.
  • Before you depart, your skipper will go through your budget and suggest cost-saving alternatives to a mooring in busy marinas.Your captain can help you save money on anchorage expenses. Such as alternative bays for anchoring or picking up a buoy.  The opportunities for saving money are considerable since certain areas don’t charge berthing fees.
  • Your skipper will be able to suggest the best places go out and eat. You will dine at the best restaurants, or they can take you to local farmer’s markets so you can coalesce with food artisans and winemakers. If you are in it for the local delicacies and great food. This will unquestionably be the climax of your adventure. The skipper will ensure you have an authentic Croatian experience!

Some useful tips for skippered yacht charter holidays in Croatia

Sit down with your skipper on the first day of the charter and discuss your itinerary. Please consider these tips which might make your stay aboard easier. If this is your first time chartering a boat, discuss as well all other aspects of the living aboard

  • discuss what you want on your holiday
  • what are the destinations you plan to visit
  • The hours of sailing or motoring

Since the sailboat is a rather slow means of transportation don’t aim for such larger distances between the islands in one day; After all, you can not see everything in a day. Don’t end up motoring the whole day with short break for lunch in a bay only.

Because we must consider your safety and that of the boat’s; Sometimes, due to the weather conditions the skipper may not be able to provide the full route that you agreed on, please understand.
Discuss it with the skipper anytime, during your trip, that you feel that you are not getting what you want from your holidays; or, let us know, and we will look into the solution.

Information about the skipper selection

Skippers are usually lovers of the sea and sailing. We also seek to enlist only the most motivated and easy going individuals with a friendly personality and a good awareness of the history and geography of the sailing area. In short, they are the real ambassadors of their country, its natural, historical heritage, its culture, and people.

They are registered with the authorities, local freelance professionals.

They are very experienced sailors, some of them started in sailing clubs, sailing as kids.

Many are bilingual speaking English and some of them multilingual.

Boat hire with skipper: The Skipper’s duties

Are to advise on suitable destinations based on local knowledge and the prior experience. Also to ensure your safety all while making sure that you have an enjoyable holiday they must also safely skipper the yacht and bring it back in undamaged condition. While complying with your wishes, unless the weather forecast conflicts with those. The skipper is not responsible if the predicted weather conditions do not materialize.

Your obligations towards the Skipper

When planning your provisions on-board you must include the skipper in all meal plans for the week the skipper needs three meals a day and enough to drink. This can be accomplished it in three ways.

You can either allow the skipper to go with you when going out to eat in an establishment. Or you may ensure that there is enough food on board so that he can prepare a meal for himself. You may also choose to cover the bill for him to go himself and buy the meal.

The skipper will need a place to sleep; so, take this into consideration when choosing a boat you need to provide that your group plus the skipper fits in the max number of bunks on board (and max number of the persons allowed on board). Please keep in mind that you cannot expect the skipper to share a cabin with someone from your party. We highly recommended providing the skipper with his own cabin. But, in case your budget doesn’t allow it, you can have the skipper sleeping in the saloon. In this case, you may consider the saloon his private area also please ensure that he has enough time to sleep and to rest.

Treat skipper with respect if your party arranges this in the way that everyone needs to contribute. He will do his share, but you cannot assume that it is his duty to do it for the whole crew. Don’t ask him to cook food for you, wash the dishes and clean after the entire crew. If you will need similar services, hiring a hostess together with the skipper is a better option for you. Please assist the skipper with lines and fenders when he is mooring the boat, especially if the weather conditions are bad.

All types skipper Licenses in Croatia

Here are main things you should know if you are interested in obtaining your own skipper’s license in Croatia.

For standard boat leader certificates there are three categories:
  1. To get a vessel leader certificate A category you needn’t take a course, and the final exam will cost you 207 kn (30 €) . With this certificate you are permitted to navigate a boat, which is up to 6 m (19.68 ft) long, it has max engine power 8 kW, within territorial waters in Croatia and max. 6 nm from the coast (mainland or islands).
  2. With a boat leader certificate B category, you’re permitted to navigate a vessel which is 12 m long or has a displacement of 15 gross tons. It also allows you to manage a boat 15 m long if it has a displacement of 15 gross tons. The law also permits navigating a small yacht (a vessel longer than 12 m, but up to 20 gross tons displacement) with maximum 12 persons, within Croatian territorial waters, with this certificate. This exam will cost you 490 kn (70 €), and the course (optional) costs 400-540 kn (55-75 €).
  3. With the boat leader certificate C category you are permitted to navigate any boat or a yacht within Croatian waters up to 100 gross tons. The procedure for getting this certification is mandatory and costs 3,400 kn (460 €), and the exam is 540 kn (73 €).
For advanced boat leader certificates there are two categories:

For “Yachtmaster” type of certificate, you need to go through both the course and practical training and pass the exam.

  1. The Yachtmaster certificate A category enables you to navigate a yacht of 100 gross tons in international waters. The course that lasts 50 hours and include practical training costs 5300 kn, and the exam is 1090 kn.
  2. For getting the Yachtmaster leader certificate B type, the course and hands-on training last 175 hours and cost 18,000 kn (2,400 €). With this, you are allowed to navigate a 500 gross tons yacht anywhere in the world.
To get your own skippers license in Croatia:

If you wish to get your own skippers license in Croatia and for more information contact directly MINISTRY OF THE SEA, TRANSPORT AND INFRASTRUCTURE.

Recognized certificates, from other countries, for operating boats and yachts in Croatia

If you are in need of information about what a skipper license of other nations are fully recognized in Croatia, MINISTRY OF THE SEA, TRANSPORT AND INFRASTRUCTURE have published that information publicly here.

Crewed Yacht Charter Croatia

To take care of your private group crewed yacht charter is usually an all-inclusive vacation aboard. Yacht charter Croatia with crew is more luxury yacht charter type. A vessel with the friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive crew. Gullets, catamarans, and luxury motor sailors often offer crewed yacht charter in Croatia. Catamarans beside the skipper usually can have one more crew member hostess to take care of the cleanliness and eating onboard. Gullets usually have a captain, chef, and one or more crew members.

If you are interested in that type of luxury yacht charter Croatia, these two charter services focus on these services and have organized some fantastic skippered holidays in Croatia: and

Skippered motor yacht charter Croatia

With skippered motor yacht charter you can expect same rules, like these other types of skippered yacht charters described in this guide. The difference between them are that motor yacht charter have more speed in navigation and often have an additional crew member(s) or have a more luxury environment on the vessel.

The cost for a Skippered Yacht Charter

Skipper’s fee is detached from the yacht charter fee and paid directly on site during check-in. The skippered yacht charter corresponds to the bareboat yacht charter cost, plus the skipper’s fee and the food for the skipper brings the skipper’s daily rate to 150€ or 1.050€ for a week.

His three meals per day plus enough to drink are expected to provide by you.

Other costs such as the costs of the boat, mooring fees and the fuel are the same as when bareboating.

Skippered Yacht Charter and Security deposit

These are usual security deposit and skippered yacht charter terms details by most of the Croatian charter agencies. We have extracted these rules entirely publicly by this complete guide so that you may be properly informed and be aware of “small print” in yacht charter contracts.

During your check-in on the boat to cover the insurance policy deductible in case of damage, there is a Security deposit. This deposit that you leave to us (by credit card slip) the insurance house refunds the damage amount only above the deposit amount. You are required to leave this deposit even if you were to hire a professional skipper; you will not be liable for the potential damage occurred due to the navigation. You are only responsible for the damages caused by you or your party.

Example: broken windows, burns in the kitchen, blocked toilet, lost or damaged dinghy or motor (if you used it yourself) or similar. Additionally, in Croatia, it is mandatory for all charter boats that the naval authority verified crew lists (list of all the people onboard). Each exchange of the crew should be reported.


Skippered Yacht Charter Booking
The booking of the boat, with the skipper, can be closed in just a few short steps. We need to know the preferred boat size and dates of your arrival in Croatia. We’ll recheck availability and consult with you about required details. Just send your request by filling our skippered yacht charter contact form and start the consultation process.

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